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Buyers' Guide: Paper Shredders

There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of reducing your monthly credit card bill into a pile of dust (well, almost) via a paper shredder. And we all know that shredding paper documents after use is the best way to keep our personal information safe and secure. But how do you go about choosing the right model, whether you’re looking for an office paper shredder for your business or a personal model for at-home use?

Don’t worry; we’ve got it all covered. Take a look at our buyers’ guide to all things paper shredding before heading over to our shopping and comparison pages, where we’ve scoured the web to find you the best deals and prices on shredders.

Put some fun back in to paying off your bills!

Which paper shredder should I go for?

There are two main types of shredder:

Strip cut, which shreds paper into thin strips
Cross cut, which cuts horizontally and vertically to create confetti.
Micro cut, which shreds paper into the smallest size – as little as 3mm by 8mm.

As you’d expect, a cross cut shredder is more effective than a strip cut shredder for the task in hand; it shreds paper into tiny bits, making it much more difficult to tape the pieces back together.

Cross cut shredders may cost a little more that strip cut shredders but they’ll be a worthwhile investment, giving you extra peace of mind that your personal information is safe.

Micro cut paper shredders are the safest and most effective models. They shred paper into tiny little pieces making it a hugely arduous, and nigh on impossible, task to recreate a page or document.

Things to consider when buying a paper shredder:

Capacity: The capacity of your shredder is the most important feature to look out for when comparing models and brands.

Cheap paper shredders will usually only be able to shred one, or a few, pieces of paper at a time. Invest a little more and you can find some gems that can shred multiple documents in one go. Consider your needs; after a home-use shredder? A cheaper model will probably suffice. Looking for an office shredder? Go for a heavy-duty model and your staff will thank you!

Bear in mind that descriptions such as ‘heavy duty’ and ‘light duty’ differ between brands. Read paper shredder reviews to get an impartial view on the capacity of selected shredders.

If you’re likely to be shredding credit cards and/or CDs and DVDs make sure your selected shredder is able to handle items of this kind.

Power: Power ratings for paper shredders come in the form of horsepower. This indicates the capacity and durability of a shredder. The higher the horsepower the more your shredder will be able to shred.

Size: Consider the amount of storage you have, or the floor space available to you when comparing shredder models.

Shredder features:

  • Safety features
  • Auto function, which will start when the shredder senses paper in the feed
  • Reverse setting. Great for clearing out paper jams
  • Auto feed. Allows you to place documents in a tray to be shredded automatically
  • DVD slot. For shredding thicker items such as CDs and DVDs.
  • Indicators. LED indicators let you know if there’s a paper jam or the unit has overheated.
  • Touch sensor. Cuts out if it senses anything touching the paper feed.

What now?

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