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Buyers' Guide: Radios

Are you looking to upgrade your FM radio to a shiny new DAB model? Or perhaps you're looking for a new radio alarm clock to make those bleary-eyed mornings a little more bearable?

Whatever your reasons for shopping online for radios you've come to exactly the right place; here at Genie Shopping we love finding you the best deals and offers so we've done all the legwork to find you some amazing prices of the UK's best radios - from swish designer numbers to cheerful and cheap radios for those a budget.  

Take a look at our comprehensive guide to all things radio before heading over to our shopping and comparison pages where you're guaranteed to find your best match - happy shopping!



FM radios

Times have changed since the days of crackly FM radios, which were often plagued by annoying interference, and these days DAB sets are usually the most popular radio models in the UK.

That’s not to say that FM radios won’t do the job; if you’re on a budget and looking for a cheap radio to use around the house, and sound quality isn’t overly important to you, a standard FM radio could be just right for you.

Analogue radio transmitters are unlikely to be turned off until at least 2015, and even then it’ll be a slow process, so there’s no imminent worry of your FM radio stopping working.

Consider your budget and the features that are important to you before you buy, then head over to our shopping and comparison pages where you can filter by price and specifications to find the perfect FM radio for you.

DAB radios

Digital Audio Broadcast is the digital age’s answer to the FM radio. It was introduced in the mid ‘90sand offers enhanced sound, less interference and a wider range of stations.

DAB is now well established and covers almost the whole of the UK, meaning you can get crystal-clear radio no matter 

where you are in the country. Just check this link to make sure your area is covered:

What are DAB radios?

As opposed to AM, SW and FM radios, which all use analogue signal, DAB radios transmit audio as a series of 1s and 0s. Digital signals also take up less space on airwaves, meaning more choice of radio stations, including some that are only available on digital sets.

DAB radios offer fantastic digital sound with little or no hissing, crackling or interference.

DAB FM radios

Whilst it’s generally agreed that DAB radios usually offer the best sound quality, this may not always be the case as digital radios tightly compress data to fit in lots of stations, meaning sound quality sometimes gets compromised.

Radios that allow you to switch between digital and FM as and when you require are a brilliant option for getting the best of both worlds.

This is also a great idea if the DAB network does not cover your area yet.

Internet radios

Internet radios are a truly modern invention, receiving radio channels through your Internet connection. This means you’re able to receive worldwide radio stations that broadcast over the Internet via a standalone radio. Internet radios also allow you to access your digital music collection so that you can listen to your own choice of music and playlists without having to be near your computer or laptop.

Radio Features

Pause and rewind The top digital radios have a pause and rewind function, which unsurprisingly gives you the option of pausing and rewinding live radio, much like on digital TV.

Live recording This option allows you to record live radio straight to an inbuilt SD card. Check the capacity of the SD card before purchasing; as a general rule 1MB will allow you to record around a minute of live radio.

Listing by station name Forget having to remember frequencies and tuning your radio, modern-day digital radios do away with all the fuss of their analogue peers. Instead, all you need to remember is the name of your desired radio station!

LCD screens LCD screens on digital displays can often show news headlines, DJ names or what track and artist are currently playing – genius!

Automatic tuning Forget laborious tuning by hand, this feature allows you to tune your radio at the touch of a button.

Clock/timer to keep track of the time whilst you listen.

Sleep timer allows you to fall asleep to the sound of your favourite radio station.

iPod dock allows you to plug your ipod in and output your playlists and downloaded songs through your radio speakers.

Other things to consider when shopping for a radio online

  • What type of radio are you looking for? Portable radios are great for taking out into the garden with a nice cold drink on a sunny day, or perhaps a radio with an inbuilt iPod dock would be perfect for you? Maybe a good old DAB radio alarm clock is what you’re looking for? Whatever is on your wish list you’re sure to find it on Genie Shopping.
  • Headphones – so that you can listen as loudly as you like!
  • Batteries – for when there’s no mains socket nearby
  • Memory cards – some radios include a memory card for recording onto.


Radios can cost from as low as £10 or less for a cheap FM radio, and around £30 for a digital model. The cheaper the radio the less features it is likely to have and its sound quality and output power will be reduced.

Have a think about how much of your hard-earned cash you’re willing to part with before you begin to compare models – this will help refine your search and narrow down your options.

What next?

Now you have the 411 on everything radio-related you’re reading to put your new found knowledge to the test over on our shopping and comparison pages where we have a huge selection of the UK’s best radios, with amazing deals and offers on cheap FM, DAB and internet radios.

Browse our online radio emporium and click on any deals that take your fancy. You’ll be transferred to the site on your selected independent retailer where you’re free to click and buy or continue shopping. Before committing to buy anything on line be sure to check out radio reviews so you’re sure to be getting the best out of your shiny new purchase.