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  • Electriq 20L Dehumidifier, White

    Energy Efficient, Great For Up To 5 Bed Houses Strong Build And Easy To Move Around With H... more
    £249.98 (+ £3.00 P&P)
  • Lowry 10L Dehumidifier - Ldh1001

    The Lowry Ldh1001 10L Dehimidifier Is The Ideal Tool For Drying Laundry, Reducing Humidity... more
  • Prem-I-Air Twin Silica Rechargeable Dehumidifier

    This Rechargeable Moisture Removal Dehumidifier Set Is Compact And Easy To Use. It Is Idea... more
    £20.00 (+ £3.00 P&P)
  • Prem-I-Air 30L Compressor Dehumidifier With 4.7L Capacity & Timer

    The 30 Litre Compressor Moisture Absorbing Dehumidifier Has An Elegant And Modern Design. ... more
    £235.00 (+ £3.00 P&P)
  • Devola Optimum 20L Low Energy Compressor Dehumidifier

    This 20 Litre Compressor Dehumidifier Is The Perfect Option For Larger Homes Which Need To... more
    £168.95 (+ £3.00 P&P)
  • Devola Fast Dry 8L Desiccant Dehumidifier

    The Devola 8 Litre Desiccant Dehumidifier Is An Economical Unit To Run, In Fact It Is Arou... more
    £145.95 (+ £3.00 P&P)
  • Meaco Hepa Filter For 12 Litre Platinum Dehumidifier - Pack Of 3

    Hepa Filter For The Platinum 12 Litre Dehumidifiers To Provide Excellent Air Cleaning Capa... more
    £24.89 (+ £3.00 P&P)
  • Meaco Hepa Filter For 20 Litre Platinum Dehumidifier - Pack Of 3

    The Hepa Filter For The Platinum 20 Litre Dehumidifiers Provides Excellent Air Cleaning Ca... more
    £24.89 (+ £3.00 P&P)
  • Devola Mini 550mL Dehumidifier

    This Portable Mini Dehumidifier Is Ideal For Keeping Small Spaces Free Of Damp And Moistur... more
    £44.95 (+ £3.00 P&P)
  • Prem-I-Air 0.25 L El Poquito Mini Peltier Dehumidifier With 0.5 L Tank Capacity

    This Compact, Thermo-Electric Peltier Effect Dehumidifier Is Ideal For Small Spaces. Boast... more
    £32.91 (+ £3.00 P&P)
  • Devola Reusable Silica Gel Car Dehumidifier Bag - 2 Pack

    Use The Devola Car Dehumidifier Bag To Extract Moisture From Any Object. The Silica Gel Ab... more
    £9.95 (+ £3.00 P&P)
  • Home Connection Dehumidifier

    Home Connection Egg Dehumidifier Is The Perfect Way To Remove Humidity From Your Home! Wit... more
    £3.99 (+ £3.00 P&P)
  • Beurer Xs16 Comfort Air Dehumidifier - White

    The Beurer Le 70 Air Dehumidifier Works According To The Condensation Principle. A Fan Pos... more
    £227.99 (+ £3.00 P&P)
  • Duronic Dh20 20Litre/day Efficient 320W Smart Dehumidifier With Timer For Mould

    The Dh20 Dehumidifier Is Perfect For The Home Or Office Where Controlling Damp, Mould And ... more
    £183.99 (+ £3.00 P&P)
  • Electriq Eiq-12Wminvqc Inverter Air Conditioner, 12000 Btu - White

    Outputs 12000 Btu/h (Variable Speed Inverter) A+/a Rating 2014 Erp Super Dc Inverter With ... more
    £516.97 (+ £3.00 P&P)
  • Electriq 12000 Btu Panasonic Powered Easy-Fit Inverter Wall Split Air Conditioner With 5 Meters Pipe Kit And 5 Years Warranty

    Outputs 12000 Btu/h (Variable Speed Inverter) A+/a Rating 2014 Erp Super Dc Inverter With ... more
    £495.97 (+ £3.00 P&P)
  • Electriq Airflex Airflex15 4Kw Portable Air Conditioner, 14000 Btu - White

    Electronic Panel Display 24-Hour Timer Remote Control Unique Evaporation Booster For High ... more
    £499.98 (+ £3.00 P&P)
  • Tcl 12000 Btu Wall Mounted Split Air Conditioner A++/a+ With Heat Pump And 5 Years Warranty

    What Stands Outcools And Heats - Perfect For Year Round Usedoubles As A Dehumidifier To Pr... more
    £429.98 (+ £3.00 P&P)
  • Igenix Ig9901 9000 Btu 3 In 1 Portable Aircon Air Conditioner

    The Igenix Ig9901 Portable Air Conditioner Is Ideal For Small To Average Sized Rooms Rangi... more
    £299.99 (+ £3.00 P&P)
  • Amcor Sf12000 Slimline Portable Air Conditioner For Rooms Up To 28 Sqm

    Compact And Small To Suit Average Sized Rooms 3 In 1 Unit With Air Conditioner, Fan And De... more
    £349.97 (+ £3.00 P&P)

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Dehumidifier Buyers' Guide

Having too much moisture or a high level of humidity in your home can be damaging for your health and your house.

Humidity is created in the home from every day activities such as having a shower, cooking or running dishwashers and washing machines. This humidity in turn causes condensation and damp patches that can affect the infrastructure of your house - not to mention the mould, peeling wallpaper and unpleasant smell created as a result.

Having humidity levels of over 50% in the home can also aggravate allergies and asthma.

A dehumidifier works to maintain humidity levels by drawing moisture from the air, keeping your house and health in check.

Keep humidity at the recommended levels of 35%-45% in summer and 25% in winter by using a dehumidifier.

Here at Genie Shopping we love making sure you’re getting the best deal for your money. We’ve scoured the web to bring you the best offers and prices so you’re sure to find the best dehumidifier for your home and needs.

How does a dehumidifier work?

A dehumidifier works by using a fan to pull air over two sets of coils that extract moisture from the air. These coils are then emptied after use.

What should I consider when shopping online for a dehumidifier?

Budget: Have a think about cost and your budget. You can easily find a small, cheap humidifier for around £30. Cheaper models will have less features and will be smaller and arguably less effective, too.

Expect to pay a couple of hundred pounds for a top of the range model. More expensive dehumidifiers will have a larger capacity and will often be more effective too.

Capacity: Dehumidifers with a larger capacity usually work faster and more efficiently than smaller models. They also tend to be quieter, which is great if your dehumidifier will be situated in a bedroom or living room. Speaking of noise…

Noise: Dehumidifiers can be noisy, and that dull hum could get extremely irritating if the unit is to be placed in a room where you spend lots of time. Shop for a dehumidifier with levels and settings; a model with a lower setting will quieter and less of an annoyance than one that can only work on full whack. Check dehumidifier reviews to see how others got on with their new purchase and check how distracting they found its noise levels.

Storage: Where will your new dehumidifier be kept? Depending on the size of the water tank, dehumidifiers can be on the large side so make sure you have plenty of storage space for your chosen model. Check the dimensions of your shortlisted dehumidifiers to ensure you’re getting a size that’ll fit neatly in your cupboards.

As a general rule, small and compact dehumidifiers are less efficient, but they do take up less room.

Energy efficiency: Dehumidifiers are not the most energy efficient of machines, and the larger units can be extremely expensive to run. If energy efficiency is important to you be sure to check for energy efficient features and controls such as automatic switch off when the tank is full, intelligent defrost and smart controls. 

What features should I look out for when shopping for a dehumidifier?

  • Tank size: This refers to the amount of water that’ll be extracted in a 24-hour period. The independent retailer should provide this information once you’ve been transferred to their sit
  • Automatic control: Your dehumidifier will automatically come on and switch off when humidity levels in your house reach a certain point.
  • Frost control: If you’re using your new dehumidifier in a cool room a frost control feature ensures the unit won’t freeze up. 
  • Rate of extraction: the higher the rate of extraction the more effective the unit will be. 
  • Cost
  • Efficiency
  • Noise



What now?

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